Cartier Américaine 1735B ‘Burgundy’

Brand: Cartier


Italian Made

Craftsmanship and uniqueness are the first two words when we hear the word Cartier. We get excited with almost every watch we see, but there are a few examples we go crazy for. Before we go in-depth about this piece we want to warn you for falling in love with this special bird. 

Although the Tank ‘Americaine’ is envisioned in 1989 we have seen something similar in the past right? Correct. 

Cartier introduced the Tank Cintree in 1921 which is one of the most iconic pieces ever from Cartier. The Americaine is a true homage and just as unique as the Cintree due to its design aesthetic. The curvaceous cases and dial printed with elongated Roman numerals are a work of art. But what makes this one extra unique? 

This particular piece is from the CPCP collection from Cartier where they enlightened some of the earlier models in their history. The collection is produced from 1998 until 2008, and is loved among everybody. The CPCP watches are rare on itself, but this particular piece is dedicated to a region. Italy. 

It’s a true pleasure to offer you this rare and beautiful limited edition Americaine, made for the Italian market and numbered 89 of a 170 pieces limited edition. 

We would love to enlight every single detail we love about this special piece, but it’s almost impossible to. It’s something you will see once, and maybe never again. That’s also the reason why we have mixed feelings when selling a watch like this. We truly love to see someone else with it, but also know that we might never sell something like this again. 

The watch is fully serviced, and comes with a two-year warranty. This stunner is ready to compliment the wrist of a true connoisseur.

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Tank Américaine


18K Gold

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Guilloche 'Burgundy'



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