Cartier Basculante ‘CPCP’ 2391

Brand: Cartier

A pleasure

It’s a pleasure to show you this Cartier Basculante 2391 from Cartier’s Collection Privée Cartier Paris Collection. Watches like these are just the epitome of timeless design. We have been busy lately to find unique pieces from one of our favourite brands!

Offered here is a lovely neo-vintage Cartier Basculante, circa early 2000s, in stainless yellow gold, given the reference 2391. The Basculante was released around the same time as the famous JLC Reverso in the 1930s. The same, but differently. The Basculante was designed to flip vertically as opposed to horizontally.

This particular piece is from Cartier’s ‘CPCP’ collection which is truly rooted in Cartier’s craftsmanship and design aesthetics. They re-introduced many models in this collection under which this beautiful Basculante. The finishing of this particular example is one of our favorites from the CPCP collection. The Guilloche dial, the production date finish together with the ‘C’ signature finish on the caseback speaks for themselves.

Sometimes we almost can’t stop writing about the uniqueness of a watch due to its history and design philosophy. Like all CPCP pieces this one is numbered as well, but there is something extra. This particular configuration is only made for a very short period. Want to know when? Look at the finishing at the caseback!

These kind of watches are the reason we started Gaillard Watches. The watch is fully serviced and comes with a two-year warranty!


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