Cartier Santos ‘Carree’ 2961

Brand: Cartier

Just that more edgy

Where a Santos Galbee still has some rounding’s to it, this Carree is just a bit more edgy. And not just its aesthetics are edgy but the fact that this design is nearly 120 years old says everything you need to know as well.

In 1904, the santos was released after Louis Cartiers friend Alberto Santos Dumont, had complained that pocket watches were not all that practical and not as reliable as desired. So, Cartier made him the first wristwatch and what many don’t know, it was also the first ever to be produced in larger numbers. To make it more reliable, Louis Cartier asked Edmond Jaeger (yes, from the now famous Jaeger le Coultre) to run its production and they were successful.

After a decrease in demand of square watches after the second world war,the very famous and popular Audemars Piguet Royal Oak was launched in the 1970’s and was based off this model. This was one of the reasons to revive the Santos and has since become a member of the cartier family to stay.


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