Rolex GMT-Master 16700 ‘Faded’

Brand: Rolex


A perfect transitional Neo-Vintage GMT

The Rolex GMT master might be one of the most iconic watches ever produced and then we are not talking about just Rolex. We mean of all watches ever made. You might be thinking “Wow team Gaillard, that is quite the statement”. Yes, we know but trust us, it really is. 

Now is it kind of Rolex’s thing to produce merely iconic models but the GMT is historically one of the first watches they produced that really “popped” so to say. The red and blue bezel inlay made it immediately recognizable as a Rolex since this wasn’t done before. It is also the watch that stood at the beginning of an entirely new era. After the second world war, air travel became much more popular and the demand for air cargo was on the rise as well. Because of this, not only pilots wanted GMT watches but passengers too. The watch now meant much more than its pure functionality. It was now seen as the watch for the jet set life, the rich and famous and the true globetrotters. We can continue on amazing stories about the GMT master but since there are probably much more coming, we’ll have to leave it here for now but rest assure that more will follow on our website. 

This 16700 can be seen as the prefect transitional GMT Master. The 16700 was produced along side its younger brother the GMT Master II (16710) which now could track 3 time zones instead of 2. This was done because the movement of the 16700 was cheaper to produce so a GMT Master could be offered at a lower price point. It carries the name of the original GMT Master, comes in a very modern case, has quickset date (which the 16710 hasn’t) and has the overall vintage aesthetics that we love so much. 

This example shows some beautiful fading on the inlay and has a thick case. It also comes with its original papers and box.

If you are a true history lover and want a ready to wear watch, this is the one to look for. 

Warranty Information:
We take pride in the quality and durability of our watches. As a testament to our commitment, each timepiece in our collection comes with a 2-Year Warranty on the Mechanical Movement. This warranty reflects our confidence in the reliability of our watches and offers you peace of mind as you embrace the heritage and style of a bygone era.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message – we’re here to assist you on your vintage watch journey!


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Stainless Steel Aluminium Inlay/Pepsi Faded


Stainless Steel

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Box and Papers

Yes, With Original Box And Papers




Sapphire Crystal

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