Rolex GMT-Matser II 16710 Coke

Brand: Rolex

Nicknames and more

There are different GMT masters available on our website at the time of writing and they all have one thing in common. They all have a red and blue colored inlay better known as the Pepsi. This was one first Rolexes that received a nickname and many others followed after. To set one thing straight, Rolex doesn’t nickname their watches themselves but the lovely watch community does. However, Pepsi had nothing to do with this watch. At all. The red and blue were the colors of Pan America Airways since they were the ones the model was issued for. In another GMT story we will go deeper into that but for now let’s stick to nicknames. The watch community chose the name Pepsi because pan am didn’t use their blue/red logo long and broad enough. Pepsi was however much more common and did use the same color scheme and so was this nickname born.

The Coke we have here, refers to the black and red inlay and we don’t think you have to guess very long on where this nickname comes from.

We like this configuration a lot because it’s just a bit more subtle and serene than the Pepsi. It finds itself in a beautiful condition on a jubilee bracelet and if you are the one to buy this watch, it now comes along with a nice story and fun facts.

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GMT-Master II


Stainless Steel with a Black and Red inlay


Stainless Steel

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Sapphire Crystal

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