Rolex Submariner 16613 Serti Dial

Brand: Rolex


Serti, Sertir

We’re sorry ladies and gentleman. The name Serti doesn’t have a very cool history or meaning. Serti comes from the French word ‘Sertir’ which means as much as ‘to set’. Now things become a bit more familiar as most of us are familiar with diamond setting. For those who are not that familiar, let us explain. ‘Setting’ diamonds means nothing more than ‘holding’ them in to place and that is exactly what the extraordinary dial does on this Submariner.

We are proud to present you our Submariner 16613LB champagne Serti dial. This extraordinary configuration is definitely something you will not see every day. A two tone submariner with blue accents and a diamond/sapphire set dial.

it feels so wrong but it’s just so right. The fact that this sport/tool watch, is equipped with a diamond set dial, totally undermines its functionality and purpose. the luminous hour markers normally sit there fulfilling an important role in the watch’s readability. Not a single COMEX diver would ever take this beauty to 300 meters depth since it has been made for a different kind of person.

Before the Yachmaster was released, Rolex wanted to appeal to a broader audience and especially the more wealthy ones. that is when they came up with the 16613. A two tone Submariner you would rather see on the wrist of a sailing yacht owner or inhabitant of Monte Carlo. For many people, the ‘regular’ 16613 sufficed, but for the flamboyant and extravagant among the rich there was this special diamond set dial. With 8 diamonds and 3 Saphire crystal

it’s safe to say that there is a very limited amount of these around and probably even less that come full set and in a condition like this one.

Whether you are that flamboyant person or not, this conversation piece will make you stand out like no other

Warranty Information:

We take pride in the quality and durability of our watches. As a testament to our commitment, each timepiece in our collection comes with a 2-Year Warranty on the Mechanical Movement. This warranty reflects our confidence in the reliability of our watches and offers you peace of mind as you embrace the heritage and style of a bygone era.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message – we’re here to assist you on your vintage watch journey!

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Submariner Serti


18K Yellow Gold with Blue Inlay


Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold

Case Size




Box and Papers

Yes, with original Box and Papers. Collector Set


Gold dial with Diamonds and Blue Sapphires


Sapphire Crystal

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